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Novel therapy restores youthfulness in mice

Novel therapy restores youthfulness in mice:- Scientists have claimed that one way of removing old, damaged cells and restoring young characteristics in mice are clear – paving the way for the treatment of old age and the diseases associated with old ageing.

The research of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel shows that the dream of keeping our body young, healthy and energetic, even if we acquire knowledge of our years, may be at least partially attainable in the future.

This research, published in Nature Communications, began with the investigation that the immune system is involved in an important activity: to remove old, obese cells that cause trouble for the body when hanging around.

Novel therapy restores youthfulness in mice

Senescent cells – not completely dead but suffer from work or irreparable damage – have been implicated in the diseases of old ageing by promoting inflammation.

Researchers used rats in which an important gene was missing for this immune activity. In two years – An elderly age for rats – compared to those cells in the body was more accumulation of Senescent cells, in which the gene was retained to remove these cells.

The mice who mingled the genes had to suffer from old swelling, and different functions appeared in their body. They look older than their counterparts – older and earlier die.

Researchers gave rats a medicine which prevents the functioning of some proteins that help ageing cells survive in their semi-stage, to see if it will contribute to the removal of these cells from the body.

The medicines were given to those rats whose group had exposed them in the immune system due to their age-related malfunction, as well as suffering from ageing before prematurely by a different genetic error.

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The treated mice reacted exceptionally well to the medication: their blood tests and activity showed improvement in the tests, and their tissues appeared very close to the young rats.

Scientists count the Senescent cells while searching for at least many cells in the body of treated mice; And when he looked for signs of swelling, he found that it was too low. Mice treated with medication were more active and their average lifetime was increased.

The intention of scientists is to search the human body to find out the means to activate the immune system, especially for removing its old sensor cells.

That is, if experiments in the future prove their principles right, they can actually create “anti-ageing” treatments.


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