China is building the most advanced ‘naval warships for Pakistan


China is building the most advanced ‘naval warships for Pakistan:- While strengthening its presence with its evergreen friend Pakistan in the Indian Ocean, China is in the process of covering up India by sea. According to the latest report, China is preparing a very advanced warship for Pakistan. This is the result of an agreement between the two countries to ensure the balance of power in the strategically important Indian Ocean.

China is building the most advanced ‘naval warships for Pakistan

According to a China Daily newspaper report, Pakistan had announced the purchase of four state-of-the-art warships from China. The current warship ‘Type -054 AS’ is one of these. This vessel is being manufactured in Shanghai-based Hudong-Zhonghua shipment factory. According to reports, the under-construction battleship is the only version of the most advanced guided missile battleship in the Chinese navy fleet. A source familiar with the construction of the warship said that ‘Type -054 AS’ is the largest warship ever exported by China.

Pak navy gets strength

This new warship will provide more strength to the Navy as soon as it joins the Pakistani Navy’s fleet. According to the report, this Pak Paksha will be the largest and most advanced warship ever available to the Navy. This will enable Pakistan Navy to face major challenges in the Indian Ocean in the future. China is building the most advanced ‘naval warships for Pakistan

Equipped with a modern detector-weapon system

China’s newspaper ‘China Daily’ said in reference to the China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), this type 054 AS battleship will be equipped with modern investigative and weapon system. It will be skilled in shipwreck, anti-submarine, and air defense operations. This under-construction vessel is a version of the Guided Missile Frigate of the Chinese Navy. The Chinese Navy has the Ace 30 warship.

Enabled in sugar milling, China is building the most advanced ‘naval warships for Pakistan

Looking at the pictures of this warship that has been viral on the Internet, it is clear that the Chinese HQ-16 airborne missile has a launching pad from the warship. This system also means that Pakistan will be able to use Chinese missiles in the future, which can make it extremely powerful. It is claimed that all the radar and weapon system will be built on the warship by China. This will give extra power to the Pakistan army.

China’s occupation of Djibouti, Gwadar, Hambantota already

China continues to expand its interest in the Indian Ocean. In this way, in its attempt to encroach India by sea, this new warship is also included for Pakistan. Earlier, China had occupied Pakistan’s Gwadar port under the SPICE. In Sri Lanka, Tibet has acquired the deal of 99-year lease in China, Djibouti and Hambantota ports. China is establishing its military base there. A New York Times report also claimed that China is deploying its fighters in Pakistan under CPE. However, China rejected the claims of this report. India also objected to the economic corridor.

JF Thunder also remained

China is the largest country supplying weapons to Pakistan, its evergreen friend. Both countries are also jointly constructing JF-Thunder. This is a single-engine fighter plane.


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