Africa Cyclone Survivors Recount: ‘Lots of Dead’, ‘Water Full of Snakes’

Africa Cyclone Survivors Recount

Africa Cyclone Survivors Recount, Mozambique: “It was very scary, we were walking in all directions, the water was full of snakes,” 39-year-old Otelea Jose recalls that after coming from one of the most affected areas of South Africa’s deadly cyclone. Jose was in the house of about 120,000 people, and 10 days ago powerful cyclone escaped from Eday and ran into the high ground running into flood waters.

Africa Cyclone Survivors Recount: ‘Lots of Dead’, ‘Water Full of Snakes’

But soon it was not enough. She escaped scaling on the roof of a local administrator’s office, but his 446 other compatriots were not so lucky. Officials fear that in one of the worst storms in Southern Africa, the toll will be more than 1,000. Jose lives in Beira, which Eidaye had also broken, but was Buzi to meet his mother. Now she has to check whether her husband is staying behind in Beira or not.

She spoke to the Beira port immediately after landing with a boat, where many people started lifting pieces of his life till the weekend because the water went out and the sun came out. Survivors are not only dealing with the immediate needs of food, shelter, and healthcare.

The 16-year-old Joaquin Joao Chidja managed to escape the priceless things: Family photos. He drops them on the roof of a commercial building where he gets clogged as the flood water flows rapidly.

The 42-year-old Joao Zakaria is still in the grip of a cyclone, which also damaged neighbouring Zimbabwe, where more than 250 people were killed and bridges and roads were torn apart.

“There are so many dead people, we can not count”, They say. Zakaria remembered the velocity of water because it was swept away in its neighbourhood and lamented on behalf of its neighbour.

Disease fears mount for Africa cyclone survivors, Africa Cyclone Survivors Recount

“There was a man, he had 40 cows and he lost all of them. Forty fantasy. Everyone loses all of their lives,” he says.

The father of four, who had survived a tree and survived a tree, recalling the flood in 2000, says that it claimed 800 lives, which was nothing compared to Eidai.

“I have not seen anything like this, even the elders have never experienced such a thing, it is new. It is new. “Flood came in 2000, but water (water) was only up to the shoulder level.”But this time … water covered everything,” he says. For the latest updates and trending news, you can visit

But as a rainbow appears in the sky, more people start venturing out in the wet and muddy streets of Buzi, 30 kilometers south-west of Beira, trying to take pieces of their lives. Some people throw thick mud sludge on the floor of their homes, while some people wet wetting on electric power lines, which fly by the force of the cyclone, making 200 kilometers per hour (120 miles per hour) Wind moves at a speed.

Nearly 2,000 people have been rescued from the rest, which the aid agencies feared that they were swept away by floods.


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