How did the pandit of the Hanuman temple become a millionaire in a few years?- Narendra Giri

Narendra Giri: When Narendra Giri complained to DIG and Mulayam suspended

How did the pandit of the Hanuman temple become a millionaire in a few years?- Narendra Giri – The CBI is now investigating the case of the death of Mahant Narendra Giri, who was the President of Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad. But the biggest thing in the investigation now, in this case, has come to the fore that how Abhishek Mishra, a gunner living with the Mahant and Aadya Prasad Tiwari, the chief priest of the Hanuman temple, whose salary was only 10 thousand rupees per month. Became a millionaire in the last few years. What is the story behind the scenes of Mahant’s death? The team of SIT engaged in its investigation is now investigating the property of many such people. Apart from these three, the SIT is looking for the properties of the security personnel of Anand Giri, Sandeep Tiwari of Aadhya Prasad Tiwari, and Mahant Narendra Giri.

How did a pundit with a salary of only 10 thousand rupees become a millionaire?

In the Mahant Narendra Giri suicide case, the SIT team is investigating the income and property papers of Anand Giri, Aadhya Prasad Tiwari, and Sandeep Tiwari. How much property is in whose name and what is the income? The chief priest of Bade Hanuman Mandir, Adya Prasad Tiwari’s salary is only 10 thousand rupees per month, but he has built a luxurious house on a land of 3 bissa in Naini Shiv Nagar. Along with this, his ancestral house has also been built. Naini’s luxurious house is worth crores. Aadya Prasad Tiwari used to live in this house of Naini with his entire family. Mahant Narendra Giri has also written the name of Ada Prasad Tiwari and his son in the alleged suicide note. It is being told that Bade Hanuman was angry about the offering of the temple. Mahant Narendra Giri, priest Aadya Prasad Tiwari had also given the account to Mahant Narendra Giri, after which a CCTV camera was installed in the big Hanuman temple. The SIT team had also come to this house of Ada Prasad Tiwari’s nanny. The police have searched the entire house.

Mamta Tiwari, the daughter-in-law of Ada Prasad Tiwari, has told that her father-in-law’s salary was 10 thousand rupees per month. Built a house here, an ancestral house built on the village. The police had come here and searched the whole house up and down everywhere. A neighbor woman of Aadya Prasad Tiwari told that the police had come in the night in civil dress and searched the whole house. She was watching from her house.

SIT’s eyes on Mahant’s gunner Abhishek

While the SIT is busy searching for the properties of Mahant Narendra Giri’s security personnel, the SIT’s eyes have also turned on his gunner Abhishek Mishra, who also has luxury cars and bungalows worth crores. Abhishek Mishra’s house and his pictures are with News 18 which tells how big a man he has become. Now the SIT is busy gathering this information about Abhishek.

  1. How did Narendra Giri’s gunner Abhishek Mishra become a millionaire?
  2. Where did you get the house and luxury car worth crores?
  3. Does the donation money of the devotees go to the sevadar?
  4. Tika on the forehead, protection on the wrist, and the weapon in the hand?
  5. Does Abhishek want to be the new Bahubali of Jaunpur?
  6. Sachs’s song of becoming a millionaire from the streets in a few years is a different story of Abhishek?
  7. Abhishek takes enmity with the people of Shahganj tehsil of Jaunpur and Vishanpur village of Khutahan police station!
  8. Abhishek’s father runs a cattle feed shop. Son Abhishek Mishra’s fame is so much that millions and crores of people do not talk down?
  9. Fond of expensive vehicles and fond of weapons…
  10. Made property worth 50 to 60 crores in 1 year?
  11. Just a few days ago, Abhishek got married, in which Narendra Giri himself came to bless.

Abhishek’s property worth crores in Jaunpur

Abhishek Mishra, a resident of Vishunpur village of Khutahan police station area of ​​Jaunpur district, is said to be the gunner and ultimate devotee of Mahant Narendra Giri. Abhishek’s father runs a small animal feed shop in the village, while a big mansion is built in the village. Questions are being raised about a small shop, behind a big house.

We were told that there is no one inside, all the family members are in both these Allahabad since Mahant Ji died. Villagers told on our camera that Mahant Narendra Giri had come to this mansion last 6 months ago, in the marriage ceremony program of Abhishek Mishra, if the villagers believe, it is even discussed that Mahant ji got this mansion built and sent it to his ultimate disciple Abhishek Mishra. have been given. At present, all the family members are in Allahabad and are at the residence at Allahabad’s residence. Abhishek Mishra’s father Satya Prakash Mishra, runs a small shop of animal feed in the village itself.

What are Anand Giri and Aadya Prasad Tiwari doing in jail?

The accused of abetment to suicide in the death of Mahant Narendra Giri, president of Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad, have been sent to Naini Central Jail. Anand Giri and Aadhya Prasad Tiwari, lodged in Naini Central Jail, have been kept in separate security cells due to the sensitivity of the matter. They have also been kept separate from ordinary prisoners. Whatever security arrangements are made for the sensitive prisoners, arrangements have been made for them. For these, the orders of the Jail Headquarters, Government Orders and Jail Manual are being strictly followed. According to PN Pandey, Senior Jail Superintendent of Naini Central Jail, the jail officials and staff have also been alerted. Both Anand Giri and Aadya Prasad Tiwari are sensitive prisoners. Therefore, their meeting, their movement inside the jail and their food habits are being monitored according to the rules.