Government reduced Import Duty on Remdesivir, price may come down

Government reduced Import Duty on Remdesivir

Government reduced Import Duty on Remdesivir, price may come down- In the era of the Corona epidemic, there is relief news about the shortage of Remdesivir Injection. The central government has removed the import duty on the anti-viral drug remediesvir. In a notification issued late on Tuesday, it was told that the duty on import of the material used for the manufacture of medicine has been removed. This move of the government will help to increase domestic availability and reduce the cost of injection. It is believed that this will remove the shortage of the injection. Let us know that Remadecivir is currently used to treat COVID-19 patients.

Discount will be till 31st October

The central government on Tuesday waived customs duties on Remadecivir, its raw materials and other components used to make antiviral drugs. The statement issued by the Department of Revenue said that the goods waived by the Central Government include pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) used in the manufacture of Remedisvir, Remedisvir injections and beta-cyclodextrin. This exemption in import duty will be applicable till 31 October.

Will be doubled production

Union Minister Piyush Goyal has tweeted that no import duty will be charged on the import of Remdesivir API, which is used to make Remedisvir injection, which is considered very useful in the treatment of Coronavirus. Apart from this, import of Remedisvir injection has also been made duty free. Meanwhile, Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said that the production of anti-viral drug Remdesiver will be doubled in the next 15 days. Mandaviya said in a video message on his Twitter handle that the government is making all efforts to increase the production of Remedisvir injection in the country and make it available at a lower cost.

Ongoing black marketing of the injection

Significantly, there is news of deficiency from many states regarding the anti-viral drug Remedesiver. Not only this, the news of black market of injection is also continuously coming out. In such a situation, this decision of the government can prove to be very effective. Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said that 150,000 vials of Remedisvir are currently being produced every day and in the next 15 days, production will be doubled to 300,000 vials every day.


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