Wipro hit by advanced phishing attack: malware alerts detected a week ago

Wipro hit by advanced phishing attack

Wipro hit by advanced phishing attack- Bengaluru: Wipro was impressed with an advanced Phishing attack that affected some employee account and the Company Customers too. The IT chief said that it immediately issued security patches, and was conducting a forensic investigation into the violation. It has divided systems of employees affected and said that the malware attack will not have any effect on its finances.

The blog KrebsonSecurity, the first to report on the attack, said that the Wipro system was being used as a jumping point for phishing campaigns targeting a dozen Wipro client system.  It says that Wipro customers have detected suspicious network reconnaissance activity which is directly for the partner system which was directly communicating with Wipro’s network.

Wipro hit by advanced phishing attack: Malware Alert Revealed A week ago, not months

Wipro dismissed a security blog claim that it was a multi-month infiltration from the state-sponsored attacker. “Alert was not detected a week ago and months ago,” said Wipro COO Bhanurmurthy BM. “We found out about potentially unusual activity in our network and it was related to some employee accounts. These employees were subject to advanced phishing activity. Any major enterprise will monitor these incidents and also investigate. In a year, we check about 4.8 million such alerts, “he said.

Wipro hit by advanced phishing attack, A source, blogged by American journalist Brian Krebs, said that a source familiar with the forensic investigation of Wipro’s client said that at least 11 other companies were attacked, as the file found on the back-end of the intruders Was removed from the folders, whose names are different Wipro clients. The purpose of the attack is not clear.

Wipro did not share details of how many customers and employee accounts were affected. “We used the industry’s leading cybersecurity capabilities that we already have and have partnered with strong partner ecosystems to prevent this incident and to develop such anti-virus signature to prevent such incidents. Has also shared intelligence with its partners. Bhanumurthy said that we have rolled out that security patches in our enterprise.

Wipro attacked by advanced phishing attack; investigates 4.8 million security alerts in a year

Wipro CEO Abid Ali Neemuchwala said that the company was able to quickly sign its identity to identify and prevent this attack from its partners. “Customers were informed to ensure they would not have any effect on them,” he said.

He said that the affected employees were removed from the network, their passwords changed. In such cases, he said, the company thoroughly investigates the forensic examination, which involves identifying that no internal employee was involved. For the latest updates, you can visit www.indaitimelines.com.

NeemuChawla asked to check his internal security preparedness, Wipro sends phishing emails to send email to his employees, which employees click on the email. “If phishing does not understand the email or clicks on the link, we put them through a training program so that they do not do it next time,” he said.

Attacks are often on large companies. The Massive attack in this decade was on Sony in 2014, when a hacker group exposure data, including secret information about the employees of Sony Pictures and their families, email between employees, information about executive pay in the company And then there were copies of unedited Sony.


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