Reliance posts highest quarterly net profit of Rs 10362 cr in Q4

Reliance posts highest quarterly net profit of Rs 10362 cr

Reliance posts highest quarterly net profit of Rs 10362 cr: Reliance Industries Ltd, record net profit of Rs 10,362 crore in the March quarter, which shows the weakness in core oil refining and petrochemical segment as strong revenue from retail and telecommunications business. In a statement, the company said in January-March net profit was Rs 10,362 crore or Rs 17.5 per share, which was 9.8 percent higher or 15.9 per share from Rs 9,438 crore.

Revenue increased 19.4 percent to Rs 1,54,110 crore. Profit from its retail business increased 77 percent to Rs 1,923 crore and telecommunication increased 78.3 percent to Rs 2,665 crore, Reliance Industries Ltd.

Reliance posts highest quarterly net profit of Rs 10362 cr

Reliance industries Ltd retain business, powered by Mukesh Ambani has positively surprised the past Four years and is expected to have a strong performance this time too. Behind Reliance Jio as well as the continuing stability In Reliance retail, shares of RIL had incurred a loss of Rs. 1,406 of all-time high on April 1. Jio’s average user per user revenue (ARPU) of Rs 126.2 Was there.

“During FY19, we achieved several milestones and made significant progress in building Reliance in the future, Reliance Retail has crossed the revenue figure of 100,000 crores, Jio now serves more than 300 million consumers and our petrochemicals business has earned its highest ever so far”, commenting on the results, Chairman and Managing Director, Mukesh Ambani said.

Reliance records another bumper quarter

The gross refining margin (GRM) for the quarter ending March 31 was $8.8 a barrel. For the financial year ending December 31 and March 31, 2018, the figure was $8.8 and $ 11 per barrel. For the Financial year ending March 31, the Company registered revenue of 44.60 percent in revenues which was the revenue of Rs 6,22,809 lakh crore.

In the Fiscal Year 2019, the consolidated revenue of RIL improves due to strong growth in retail and digital services business. Retail business and digital services registered an increase of 88.7 percent and 94.5 percent compared to the previous year. For the latest news, you can visit

On March 31, 2018, the outstanding loan was Rs 2,87,505 crore as on March 31 compared to Rs 2,18,763 crore. In the financial year, cash and cash equivalents increased to Rs 13,3027 crore, which was Rs 78,063 crore in FY18.


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