An app may be stealing your bank data, RBI warns Digital, UPI Users

An app may be stealing your bank data

An app may be stealing your bank data: If you have an app download on your phone, it is likely that someone is spying on your bank account Information and you can steal your money at any time. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is warning all online banking users against this fraudulent app that the app can first steal all your banking details and then all your money from the bank account.RBI warns users against this app that can steal your money from the bank account

An app may be stealing your bank data, RBI warns users

Any Desk app works like a remote access service that controls your device and transmits on behalf of users. Allegedly, the app can detect all your OTP, which means that it can take out all your money in the bank account in minutes. According to the RBI alert message, all online banking users are at risk, but UPI users are more vulnerable to this. For the breaking news or the latest updates, you can visit

RBI warns users against this An app may be stealing your bank data. The bank’s alert message sent on February 14 said that hackers are using the app to access the banking details of users. The use of Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is used to steal money in the modus operandi of the app. Fraud first asks you to download the app. Beware, app download requests can come from social media or play store/app store platforms. Once you download the app, the app will generate a nine-digit code on your device, which will be used by Hacker to access data and SMS service on your device. Through this method, the hacker can hack any mobile-banking or payment app.

An app may be stealing your bank data, RBI warns Digital, UPI users

Once a fraudster puts this app code on his device, he will ask the victim to provide some permissions, which are required when using other apps, “ET cites the RBI adviser. The best way to stay safe from this app is to download it first. If you have already downloaded it, then remove it immediately from your phone and scan the device.

With banking fraud being more frequent, the State Bank of India has issued some guidelines to be safe from fraud. The bank says that you should never share your card and its details with anyone. Securely enter your ATM PIN at a public place or do not disclose it to anyone at home. Do not forget to collect your card from ATMs.


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