Facebook blocked hashtag calling for Narendra Modi to resign over pandemic

Facebook blocked hashtag calling for Narendra Modi

Facebook blocked hashtag calling for Narendra Modi to resign over pandemic- Since the Covid crisis intensified in the country, there is an increasing shortage of beds and oxygen in hospitals. People are strongly criticizing the central government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on social media. The hashtag #ResignModi is becoming very trending on social media. But on April 28, Facebook blocked this hashtag for some time. When the controversy arose with this move of Facebook, it was restored in a few hours.

On April 28, when Facebook blocked this hashtag, social media users stopped seeing more than 12,000 posts. In these posts, the government was criticized for the Covid crisis.

Many Facebook users complained on Twitter about the hashtag block.

When people searched the hashtag #ResignModi during the block, they saw the message – ‘These posts are temporarily hidden because some of this content is against our community standards.’

What did facebook say?

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that the hashtag was ‘accidentally’ blocked and has been restored. The spokesman said that the directive of the block was not received from the Indian government.

The spokesman said, “We mistakenly blocked this hashtag. We were not asked by the Indian government to do so. It has now been restored.”

Andy Stone of the Communications Department of Facebook said on Twitter that ‘what really happened was being seen.’

‘Does this happen in a democracy?’

After Facebook blocked the hashtag for some time, the social media user expressed displeasure over it on Twitter. Many people questioned this act of Facebook, while some asked ‘Does this happen in a democracy?’

Some people tweeted this issue with #Anti_India_Facebook.

Earlier, micro-blogging platform Twitter had censored 52 tweets. These tweets were made about the Coronavirus. Now a review has been made about these tweets that it looked at the Coronavirus crisis in India and criticized the Modi government which failed to handle it.