Electricity in UP: Due to shortage of coal, eight units of power generation shut down in UP

Shortage of electricity for the next 6 months- lack of coal

Electricity in UP: Due to shortage of coal, eight units of power generation shut down in UP- Due to the shortage of coal, the ongoing power crisis in Uttar Pradesh may worsen in the coming days. According to Power Corporation officials, there is no improvement in coal supply before October 15.

Due to the increasing heat and demand for electricity, there is severe power cut in the rural areas of the state to the urban areas. In rural areas, there is an announced cut of 4 to 5 hours, then urban consumers are also facing power crisis for hours unannounced.

The declared cut maybe

If the situation remains like this, then the announced cuts may have to be made in the cities as well. Presently the power demand in the state is between 20,000 to 21,000 MW. At the same time, the supply is being done only up to 17,000 MW. Most of the power cuts are happening in rural areas of Purvanchal and Madhyanchal.

Price reached Rs 20 per unit

In order to overcome the power crisis in the state, Power Corporation has to buy electricity from energy exchange up to Rs.15-20 per unit. Due to the high cost of electricity, the power corporation is unable to buy power from the exchange in large quantities.

Eight power plants supplying power to the Power Corporation are currently closed due to shortage of coal. At the same time, 6 power plants are closed due to other technical reasons. Power Corporation gets 2700 MW of electricity from the power plants which are running due to shortage of coal.

The crisis may escalate further

According to a senior official of Power Corporation, this power cut may increase further in the coming days. One of the major reasons for this is that there are many power plants of Utpadan Nigam whose coal payment is due. In fact, the shortage of coal

In view of this, the coal companies have decided that coal will be given to those power plants on priority basis. That is, the power plants which will be paid for, will be supplied coal first.

‘Power Corporation’s policies wrong’

The engineers union has blamed the policies of the power corporation management for the power crisis. Engineers’ Association general secretary Prabhat Singh said that crores of rupees are being spent on various consultants and portals including Tata Power, PWC, Markados, Ernst and Young in Power Corporation.

State has to buy expensive electricity

On the other hand, due to non-payment of coal in the generating corporation, there has been a crisis of coal in the power plants. Due to this, several million units are not being produced from the power houses of the government sector and the state has to buy expensive electricity. Due to this the corporation is losing crores. The Engineers’ Association has appealed to the Chief Minister to issue necessary instructions through a detailed letter to run the power generation houses at full capacity.

These power plants are running closed:-

Lalitpur Unit- 2660 MW

Lalitpur Unit- 3660 MW

Rosa Unit – 2300 MW

Unchahar Unit – 6190 MW

Harduaganj Unit – 9250 MW

Parichha Unit – 4210 MW

Parichha Unit – 5250 MW

Harduaganj Unit-7105 MW