Abusing a Martyred PM is the sign ultimate Cowardice: Ahmed Patel

Abusing a Martyred PM is the sign ultimate Cowardice

Abusing a Martyred PM is the sign ultimate Cowardice- New Delhi: After the statement given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, describing the late former PM Rajiv Gandhi as the corrupt number one. Both parties are busy targeting each other. The new statement came from the senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel. He alleged that BJP had supported the Vishwanath Pratap Singh government in 1989, which had refused to give Rajiv additional protection. Patel described the statement of PM Modi as a sign of cowardice. The BJP did not delay in targeting the Congress and said that the Congress was yet to blame for its current ally DMK for the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, now the Congress appears to be the BJP’s role in it. Let us remind you that PM Modi called Rajiv as ‘corrupt number 1’.

Abusing a Martyred PM is the sign ultimate Cowardice

Patel targeted PM Modi

Patel tweeted, “Bad words about Martyred PM Rajiv Gandhi ji are a sign of cowardice. But who is responsible for his murder? The BJP-backed VP Singh government refused to give him additional security and gave him only one PSO, even when the information was available and a continuous appeal was made for the security. Patel tweeted further, “Martyred PM Rajiv Gandhi lost his life due to his hatred and he is not present among us to answer baseless allegations which are being imposed on him.”

The BJP did not hesitate to respond to Patel’s allegations and said, “From December 1990 to May 1991, during which Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated, during the Congress Center, Chandrashekhar Sarkar Was supporting.

What did PM Modi say?

Abusing a Martyred PM is the sign ultimate Cowardice-  PM Modi had attacked the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi without mentioning his name while pointing to the Bofors scam in an election rally in Jharkhand. “His (Rajiv Gandhi) life ended as corrupt number one. This ego will eat you. This country forgives mistakes, but never forgives the deception,” he added. PM Narendra Modi remarks had sparked a lot of controversies and even Congress had reached the Election Commission with their complaint but the Election Commission gave them a clean chit in this case.

Rahul did attack PM Modi

On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi’s reply on the PM’s statement said, “Modiji, the fight has ended. Your actions are waiting for you. Putting your inner thinking about yourself on my father will not save you too. With love and the hugs-Rahul. ‘ For the latest news, you can visit www.indiatimelines.com.

PM Modi gave the challenge to Congress.

After this, PM Modi reverted to an election rally, said that if the Congress has the courage, then he will contest the election in the name of Rajiv Gandhi in Delhi. On this challenge, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, daughter of Rajiv Gandhi, gave the title of not only Duryodhana to PM Modi but also challenged her to contest the elections on the issue of cancellation.


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