Pakistan’s politics: Former governor seen in objectionable position with many girls

Pakistan's politics: Former governor seen in an objectionable position with many girls

Pakistan’s politics: Former governor seen in an objectionable position with many girls- A viral video has caused an earthquake in the politics of Pakistan. As soon as the video surfaced, PML-N i.e. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz targeting Imran Khan’s party has come on the backfoot. This video is of Mohammad Zubair Umar, party leader and former governor of Sindh province. He is said to be close to the Pakistani army and the intelligence agency ISI. In the viral video, Zubair is seen in an objectionable position with many girls.

Zubair told the conspiracy to the video

According to the report, Mohammad Zubair Umar has termed the viral video as fake. He says that the video has been made viral as part of a conspiracy to defame him. The former governor said that this is the lowest level of politics, where such tactics are adopted to defame someone. He further said that the viral video is fake and he is being framed.

The video was shot in the hotel

It is being told that this video of Zubair was made a few months ago in a five-star hotel in Karachi. More than two girls are seen in this. This video has been shot from different angles with four cameras. So far only 1 minute 7 seconds of footage has been released. It is believed that much other footage can also come out.

Exploitation by luring jobs?

Various speculations are being made about this video in Pakistan. Some people say that the video of Mohammad Zubair has been made at the behest of PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz. At the same time, some also say that Zubair has been sexually abusing girls by luring them to jobs. Despite being the governor of Sindh, various types of news had come to the fore about him. On the other hand, Maryam Nawaz has given a response saying that she will stay till the truth of the whole matter.


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