#DeshKaZee: China’s big conspiracy against ZEEL-Sony deal, Invesco’s remote in the hands

#DeshKaZee: China's big conspiracy against ZEEL-Sony deal

#DeshKaZee: China’s big conspiracy against ZEEL-Sony deal, Invesco’s remote in the hands-  Invesco itself seems to be in the midst of questions in the case of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL). Because Invesco has no answer on whose behest it is working. But, there has been an indication of China’s hand behind the conspiracy against ZEEL. Invesco is just a pawn, designed to mislead investors. Some big corporate house wants to capture ZEEL through China.

Campaign against China with #DeshKaZee

Invesco is trying to block a good deal with SONY Pictures. But, the question is, whose pawn is Invesco? There are many questions that are being raised about Invesco. Dr. Subhash Chandra, the founder of Zee Entertainment himself, has questioned Invesco on this. To thwart China’s conspiracy, everyone will have to come together in the interest of the country. You too can be a part of this campaign against China by tweeting on #DeshKaZee.

If not a solid board, why does Invesco want to change?

Invesco does not have a solid board proposal or experience in the entertainment industry. The question is, then what is Invesco’s intention? On one hand, the present board of Zee Entertainment comprises of experienced and well-known names from different sectors. On the other hand, there is no such name on the board of Invesco, which has any vast experience in the media and entertainment sector. So on what basis are they named? Invesco should come out with transparency.

Dr. Subhash Chandra raised questions

Dr. Subhash Chandra – Founder, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, Founder, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited has issued a video statement on the matter. He said- “Whatever is the question about ZEEL, it is necessary to say that whether this company is run by Puneet Goenka, whether someone else is running it. There should be someone who can take it forward and the shareholders also benefit from it. Meet. In the last 30 years, I have watered this company with blood and sweat. Because, today I will not benefit from it, nor will it harm. I also wanted to give this interview to CNBC, Money Control colleagues. But, they will take No and will not even run. Because they also see some personal benefit in this.

‘Invesco does not have a solid plan, trying to mislead investors

Subhash Chandra said “Invesco is a very good investor. But, in the case of ZEEL, they are not telling transparently, what will they do about it. In whose hands will the management give it. If you want to remove Puneet Goenka, then remove it, but, whose management? Will give in hand why they don’t tell. Has Invesco deal with anyone. Has proposed the names of 6 directors on the board What is their background? Do they have an affiliation with any X company? Does anyone want to take it? Invesco should come out in the open and then let the shareholders decide whether they would like to go with Invesco or the ZEEL-SONY deal.

Invesco at the behest of a corporate house

Invesco is adamant about the demand for changes in the board of ZEEL. However, efforts are being made to induct inexperienced members of the board. Now on whose behest this is happening, no transparency has been kept on behalf of Invesco. Puneet wants to remove Goenka as MD-CEO but does not say in whose hands he will hand over the management. It is clear from Invesco’s intention that it wants to take over ZEEL at the behest of some big corporate house.

What is the ZEEL – Sony Pictures deal

The merger of ZEEL-Sony Pictures was announced on 22 September. After this announcement, the market was also happy and industry veterans also called it a game-changer. ZEEL will have a 47.07% stake in the merged company. At the same time, Sony Pictures’ stake will be 52.93%. Sony has also agreed to retain Puneet Goenka as MD and CEO even after the merger. Sony will invest $1.57 billion in the new company.