Damage to Chirag Paswan is an excuse, where is the real target of Nitish Kumar?

Damage to Chirag Paswan is an excuse

Damage to Chirag Paswan is an excuse, where is the real target of Nitish Kumar? It is not even a year since the death of Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) founder Ram Vilas Paswan, but both his party and family seem to be falling apart. The father had handed over the command of the party in the hands of son Chirag Paswan, but the decisions are taken by the young leader so far have not yielded any positive success. There is so much resentment within the party about the working style of Chirag that five MPs, including cousin Prince Paswan, led by uncle Pashupati Paras, have formed a separate faction. It is not yet clear whether these groups will throw Chirag Paswan out of the party or will join any other party. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is believed to be the mastermind of this entire political development. When this thing comes to the fore, the first question that arises is why Nitish Kumar, who believes in clean politics, is leading such decisions. Let us try to understand through political signals, where is the real target of Nitish Kumar?

Nitish wanted to avenge the damage in the assembly elections!

Just a few days before the voting in the 2020 Bihar Assembly elections, Chirag Paswan decided to separate from the NDA and go to the field alone. In the Bihar elections, Chirag fielded strong candidates in those seats from where JDU had candidates, while the seats where BJP had candidates did not field his party’s candidate. JDU is believed to have suffered heavy losses and Chief Minister Nitish’s party JDU was reduced to 43 seats. Whereas BJP came second with 74 seats. With the intervention of the BJP’s central team, Nitish Kumar once again got the chief minister’s chair, but the state unit of the BJP is maintaining psychological pressure on him due to the lag in the number game.

It is believed that Nitish Kumar is eager to destroy his party to avenge this damage done by Chirag Paswan. Earlier, the only MLA of LJP was included in JDU, now he is also believed to be behind the separation of five of the party’s six MPs from the lamp. Ram Vilas Paswan’s younger brother Pashupati Paras has good relations with Nitish. At the same time, Pashupati did not want LJP to oppose Nitish in the Bihar elections, but Chirag, as party president, had rejected this advice, which is probably causing him to bear the brunt.

Due to the lamp, JDU not only lost seats, but the vote share also decreased significantly compared to BJP. While BJP got 20.3 per cent votes, JDU had to be satisfied with 15.43 per cent votes. Anyone who understands politics knows very well that the ups and downs of seats in an election are not as important as the phenomenon of vote share.

After becoming the number three-party, the clan is busy strengthening Nitish

Since becoming the number three party in the Bihar assembly elections, Nitish Kumar is constantly trying to strengthen his clan. He has already given the membership of JDU to some independent MLAs. Apart from this, Upendra Kushwaha has been brought to the party and assigned an important post. Now the Janata Dal United (JDU) is trying to increase the strength of the Lok Sabha by breaking the LJP. In the Lok Sabha, BJP has 17 MPs from Bihar and 16 from JDU. If five LJP MPs join JDU, then this number will be 21. That is, JDU will become the most powerful party in Bihar in the Lok Sabha. Nitish Kumar is strengthening his clan by adopting the caste equation, it seems that he is trying to increase the vote share of his party in the upcoming elections in comparison to the BJP.

Nitish wants 5 ministerial posts in the centre!

The JDU is an important constituent of the NDA, but it does not have representatives in the Narendra Modi government at the Centre. The real reason for this is that Nitish Kumar wants all five ministerial posts at the centre, not all. He argues that even when BJP and JDU contested an equal number of seats in Bihar and won an almost equal number of seats, there should be equal representation of both the parties in the Union Cabinet. Modi government is going to expand the cabinet. In such a situation, it is expected that JDU can also be included in the government. Amidst these speculations, Nitish Kumar is resorting to sabotage in the LJP to keep the demand of his five ministers firmly. If there is a strong entry of JDU in the central government, then it is natural that its effect will be visible on the BJP leadership in Bihar too.