55 inmates killed in Brazil prison riots: Brazil’s Prison Violence | Crime

55 inmates killed in Brazil prison riots

55 inmates killed in Brazil prison riots in the clashes between prisoners in a prison in the northern Amazon state of Amazonas. The violence started in the prison near the capital city of Manaus, about 28 kilometers away from home, during the time of meeting with the family. Col Marcos Vinccias Almeida said in a press conference that there was a fight between prisoners’ groups in 4 different jails. During this time people were killed. At present, the situation is in control. On Sunday also, there was violence in these jails, in which 15 other prisoners were killed. ‘

55 inmates killed in Brazil prison riots

According to the report, the prisoners were either assaulting each other’s neck or were attacking each other with toothbrushes. On Monday, the administration reported further bodies found on Monday. These 57 bodies are found not only in Anisia Joabim prison but in three other jails in Manaus. The jail secretariat said that the situation is under control. So far, there is no information about the warden injury or the escape of the prisoners.

The reason for the fight is not yet known.

Almeida said that it is trying to find out what caused the fight. He said that after few minutes of violence on Sunday, the authorities should take necessary steps so that the situation does not get worse. The immediate Federal Police Force was sent to control the situation of the prison. In January 2017 prisoners had rebelled in this jail, which led to the death of 56 people.

55 inmates killed in Brazil prison riots, Conflicts between prisoners in Brazilian jail

A violent clash between prisoners in Brazilian prison is not new. In most Brazilian jails, different drug gangs are occupied and often a violent clash between them begins in prisons. In January this year, there was a violent clash in Brazil’s North and North Eastern Jail where 150 prisoners were killed. For the latest updates, you can visit www.indiatimelines.com.

This time prison reform was important issue in the Brazilian elections

According to the statement issued by the jail administration, the fight between different gangs started in 4 jails. The reasons for the fight have not been ascertained yet. At the moment, the situation is completely under control. Let the Brazilian right-wing President Jere Boulasarro described prison reform as an important issue in these elections. He also created an election issue in the country for the creation of adequate prisons.


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