Covidshield vaccine price announced: 600 in private hospitals and government for 400 rupees

Covidshield vaccine price announced

Covidshield vaccine price announced: 600 in private hospitals and government for 400 rupees- In India, the field of vaccination has been increasing since May 1, intensifying the war against the coronavirus. It has been announced that the state governments and private hospitals will get the vaccine for Rs. The Serum Institute of India has fixed the price of one dose of vaccine for states and private hospitals, according to which a dose of covishield will be available for Rs 600 in a private hospital, while it will cost Rs 400 in a government hospital. That is, people over the age of 18 in a government hospital can get a vaccine by paying 400 rupees and in a private hospital by paying 600 rupees.

The Serum Institute of India further stated that the company would give 50% of the total vaccine production to the Government of India vaccination program and the remaining 50% of vaccine would be for state governments and private hospitals. Tell that till now only the Government of India was buying the vaccine, but now the state government will also be able to buy the vaccine. According to the announcement made by the Serum Institute of India, the cost of one dose of covishield vaccine will be Rs 400 for the state government (in government hospitals), while private hospitals will get a dose of Rs 600.

It is to be noted here that Serum has claimed that the price of its vaccine is lower than the price of other foreign vaccines. He has also stated the cost of other vaccines.

  • American Vaccine Price – Rs 1500 per dose
  • Price of Russian vaccine – Rs 750 per dose
  • Sugar vaccine price – Rs 750 per dose

Explain that till now the vaccine is not available in the market and the vaccine manufacturer companies are selling 250 rupees per dose to the central government. In a meeting held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the past, it was decided that from May 1, the third round of corona vaccination is being started across the country, which will also cover the youth. Till now only those over 45 years of age were being vaccinated. However, the Chief Ministers of states like Delhi, Punjab and Maharashtra had also demanded vaccination of the youth.

The decision has been taken after PM Narendra Modi’s brainstorm with top doctors of the country. PM Narendra Modi said that the government has been making efforts for the last year that more and more Indians in the country can be given the vaccine in the shortest possible time. In this meeting, it has been said to motivate domestic companies to produce more vaccines. Apart from this, there is talk of approving other Indian and foreign vaccines as well.

An important decision has also been made in this meeting that the companies making the vaccine will give 50 per cent of their total production to the state governments, while half the consignments will be able to sell in the open market at a pre-determined price. Not only this, state governments can purchase vaccines directly from companies according to their needs. Apart from this, the state government has made one thing more clear that the vaccination of the people of the pre-decided priority group will continue. Currently, people over the age of 45 are getting vaccinated in government centres and private hospitals.