Coronavirus does not spread by touch, claims in US new research

One more vaccine for coronavirus approved in India

Coronavirus does not spread by touch, claims in US new research- In the year 2021, when the coronavirus was spreading very fast, then the condition was that touching anything was a risk of corona infection. But now a new study has claimed that the risk of spreading corona by touching is less. However, this does not mean that you should stop masking, follow social distancing and stop sanitization. These are the most accurate ways to prevent viruses.

What is the claim for centres for disease control?

New research conducted in the United States has claimed that touching a surface is now less likely to spread Covid-19 infection. Even if the surface is infected. According to the Centers for Disease Control, now the possibility of getting infected by touching a surface is just one in 10 thousand people.

New guidelines on touching things

Please tell that the CDC has issued new guidelines regarding touching anything. Experts issued an advisory last year and said that do not touch anything in public transport, supermarkets and other places. Even if you have to touch, immediately sanitize the hands. New research has shown that the danger of touching things is less.

There is a high risk of infection in these places

According to the CDC, people are getting more coronavirus infection now in closed, crowded and poorly ventilated places. If the infected people are more in such places then the risk of other people getting corona infected will also be high. According to Dr Rochelle Wallensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control, people can become infected by touching different surfaces. But its chances are very less now.

Expert Lynsey of Airborne Disease at Virginia Tech University said that we have known about this for a long time. But people are still busy sanitizing things at home and outside. While touching a surface, the risk of corona infection is low. We are saying this because so far no evidence has been found that anyone got sick from touching an infected surface.

Health expert says that it is clear that Kovid-19 is spreading more through the air. Actually, there are droplets coming out of the nose and mouth of corona infected in the air, due to which other people are getting infected.


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