Chirag Paswan- whom Nitish Kumar does not like with a broken eye: was told by the BJP

Bihar Politics: Nitish eyes 6% Paswan voters

Chirag Paswan- whom Nitish Kumar does not like with a broken eye: was told by the BJP- It is not easy for any political pundit to predict when what will happen in Bihar politics. On one hand, while LJP MP Chirag Paswan does not like CM Nitish Kumar, the face of NDA in Bihar, the other constituent of the alliance BJP has told him to be a part of this alliance. During the 2020 Bihar Assembly elections, Chirag Paswan had distanced himself from the NDA and caused a lot of damage by fielding a candidate against the JDU, the main constituent of this alliance. On the other hand, BJP leader and Bihar government minister Neeraj Kumar Bablu said on Monday that Chirag Paswan was and will remain in the NDA.

After interacting with the problems of the people in the cooperation program, the journalists asked the minister Neeraj Kumar ‘Bablu’ why CM Nitish Kumar did not attend the first anniversary of Ram Vilas Paswan. While leaders of other parties including BJP, RJD were present in this program. On this, Neeraj Kumar Bablu said that no one should have any objection to any leader having a personal relationship with the leader of any other party. On Chirag’s meeting with Tejashwi Yadav, he said that it is a natural thing for any leader to grow closer to someone. But Chirag Paswan is a part of NDA and will continue to be so.

Nitish is very upset with the lamp

Relations between the two parties have deteriorated due to the damage caused to JDU by LJP in the Bihar assembly elections and the personal attacks on Nitish Kumar by Chirag Paswan. Out of displeasure, Nitish Kumar got the lone MLA of LJP included in JDU. Not only this, it is also believed that Chirag Paswan has been ousted from the post of LJP president by revolting five MPs led by Pashupati Kumar Paras.

It is believed that Nitish Kumar did not stop for that long. After talking to PM Modi, against the wishes of Chirag, he has made Pashupati Kumar Paras a minister in the center as well. After this, by not attending the first anniversary of Ram Vilas Paswan, Nitish Kumar has given a clear message that to what extent he is angry with Chirag Paswan.

Chirag Paswan is technically in NDA

During the Bihar assembly elections, when Chirag Paswan had announced that the LJP would part ways with the NDA, he had said that he had only parted ways with the alliance in Bihar, the situation at the Center would remain the same. After this, Chirag Paswan called himself the Hanuman of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. BJP did not support Chirag when five MPs, including uncle Pashupati Kumar Paras, started revolt against Chirag Paswan in LJP. On the contrary, Pashupati Kumar supported Paras. Since then, it is hardly possible that Chirag Paswan and BJP have any scope for a good relationship.

Technically, Chirag Paswan is a part of NDA. Because Chirag’s uncle is a cabinet minister in the central government and five LJP MPs support the Modi government. At the same time, even after so much controversy, Uncle Pashupati Paras has not expelled Chirag from LJP. In such a situation, if LJP is a part of NDA, then it is natural that Chirag also became a part of this organization.

What message does BJP want to give by backing the lamp?

The BJP, which has won 74 MLAs, is trying to put pressure on CM Nitish Kumar after JDU became the third party with 43 seats in the Bihar assembly elections last year. At present, despite being in the same alliance in Bihar, BJP and JDU are trying to increase the strength of the organization in their own way. Nitish Kumar is taking decisions before the 2025 Bihar assembly elections to make JDU as powerful as the BJP once again. Chirag Paswan also remains on his stand even after getting continuous offers from RJD. In such a situation, it is interesting that what message BJP wants to give to the people of Bihar by backing Chirag Paswan.