‘China is threatening to send nuclear bombers- friend India should stand openly with Taiwan’

India China Border News: After Eastern Ladakh- China's infiltration in Uttarakhand

‘China is threatening to send nuclear bombers- friend India should stand openly with Taiwan’- On October 10, Taiwan’s National Day, the country’s President Tsai Ing-Wen delivered a loud, determined and candid speech. In this speech, the Taiwanese President expressed his country’s opinion on relations with China. At the same time, President Tsai Ing-Wen expressed his desire to negotiate with China to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. Meanwhile, the Taiwanese President has made it abundantly clear that Taiwan’s sovereignty and independence are of paramount importance to the country’s leadership.

These are the main reasons for the increasing infiltration of China

China celebrated its National Day on October 1 and during this time Chinese infiltration increased significantly. It states that the infiltration of Chinese fighter planes was to show its public. China wants to show its people that the Chinese leadership will unite Taiwan with its mainland and that “foreign powers cannot interfere in its internal affairs.” Along with this, another major reason is the increasing popularity of Taiwan worldwide.

In Taiwan, the Democratic Progressive Party’s rejection of the 1992 consensus and focusing on the country’s people for Taiwan’s future stalled talks with China and escalated tensions between Beijing and Taipei. China tried to reduce Taiwan’s influence around the world. For this, China began to lure Taiwanese friends and began restricting Taiwan’s participation in international organizations. However, the Corona crisis came as a boon for Taiwan and Taiwan turned this crisis into an opportunity.

‘Taiwan and India facing similar threats’

Taiwan gave masks, PPE kits, oxygen concentrators etc. to many countries without diplomatic relations. The successful banning of Taiwan’s corona increased awareness in India. The international aid that Taiwan has received in the last two years is not going well with the Chinese leadership. Because of this too, China has increased its antipathy towards Taiwan. The situation between Taiwan and China remains very worrying. Taiwan remains under threat from China. These results are having a bad effect not only on Taiwan but also on other partners in the Indo-Pacific region including India.

Both India and Taiwan are facing similar challenges. China is such a neighbor who is aggressive and is showing grandeur against India and Taiwan on the strength of the army. China is increasing military gathering in Ladakh even after talks. Both India and Taiwan are democracies and share common interests and common concerns. The reality is that both India and China want to reduce tensions with China. Also appealing to the Chinese leadership to respect the status quo. Both India and Taiwan have shown that they will not compromise on their respective sovereignty.

‘New Delhi must show solidarity with Taiwan’

However, despite all these similarities and shared concerns, India remains a little cautious, mainly because of its long-standing border dispute. India does not openly issue any statement on the issue of Taiwan. But there is no doubt that a policy shift has taken place in India. India has quietly remained a partner of Taiwan in the Indo-Pacific region. India has expressed interest in Taiwan and is working with it vigorously in the economic and social sphere.

India’s stand in the Indo-Pacific region is inclusive, so New Delhi should show solidarity with Taiwan. Together we should find ways to work together with Taiwan. This will be beneficial to both and will accelerate India’s objectives in the Indo-Pacific region. Now the time has come for India to realize that there is a need to find a way for a collective response to reverse China’s aggression. It is necessary to involve Taiwan in this retaliation.