Biden’s call to PM Modi: no to Imran Khan- stunned Pakistan: gave a ruckus to America

Pakistan PM Imran Khan not invited

Biden’s call to PM Modi: no to Imran Khan- stunned Pakistan: gave a ruckus to America- After US President Joe Biden took over, Pakistan has been furious and started blackmailing Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan for not calling him till now. Pakistan’s outspoken National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf said in a threatening manner that if the US President continues to ignore Pakistan, we have other options. It is believed that Pakistan is irritated by Biden talking to PM Modi on the phone and is now threatening America in this trepidation.

Moeed Yusuf said in an interview to the Financial Times, “US President Joe Biden has not yet spoken to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, while how important our country is to Afghanistan. We are trying to understand the signals coming from America. Fine?’ The Pakistani NSA said, ‘We have been told that Biden will call, be it for technical reasons or something. But frankly speaking, people don’t trust anymore.’

Pakistan has options: Moeed Yousuf

Pakistan’s National Security Advisor said, “If there is a phone call facility if a security relationship is a facility, then Pakistan has options.” It is believed that his option was pointing towards China, in whose lap Pakistan has gone at this time. Meanwhile, the US has said that it has an important role for Pakistan in peace in Afghanistan and wants Pakistan to continue to play its important role in this.

The report said that the Pakistani NSA complained to Biden for not calling Imran Khan. That too when America wants Pakistan to stop the Taliban from occupying Afghanistan. He said, ‘The cold stand from America has come at a time when after the departure of America, the Taliban have captured large areas of Afghanistan, carrying out bloody violence.

Biden did not personally call many leaders: US

Even after being asked several times, Modi did not say that what is the option of America with Pakistan. The newspaper said, ‘Pakistan has built deep relations with China, which is called its Iron Brother. China has invested billions of dollars in Pakistan through the Belt and Road project. Meanwhile, a Biden administration official said that there are many leaders in the world whom Biden has not yet personally called. He will also talk to Imran Khan when the time is right.