Baba Ramdev claims- 90% of Corona patients cured with Yoga and Ayurveda

Baba Ramdev claims- 90% of Corona patients cured with Yoga and Ayurveda

Baba Ramdev claims- 90% of Corona patients cured with Yoga and Ayurveda- The biggest controversy in the medical world of the country between the treatment of corona infection and the drawback to the vaccine has been sparked by yoga guru Baba Ramdev and the Indian Medical Association (IMA). Baba Ramdev gave the biggest interview between the IMA’s demand for filing a sedition case and the claim of defamation. In a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Baba claimed that allopathy treated only 10% of serious patients. The remaining 90% were cured with Yoga-Ayurveda. He gave impeccable answers on many topics, from Corona’s preparations to Kumbh. Excerpts from the conversation …

You have propagated yoga all over the world, why is there a barricade against allopathy in your time of epidemic?

In this period itself, people need Yoga-Naturopathy the most. This barricade is not against allopathy. The barricade is to prevent the cause of the disease. The cause of the disease is weak lungs, weak liver-heart, weak immune system, weak nervous system, weak morale. Unfortunately allopathy does not have a cure for it. He is only doing asymptomatic treatment.

But these doctors have treated millions of people, saved lives …

The treatment was done by these doctors, this is the biggest lie in the world. The real cause of the disease is treated only in Yoga-Naturopathy. Only these doctors have given treatment, so what have we come to eat in Bhandara? I agree that these doctors have done a lot, but to say that these doctors treated them is a grossly wrong and factless thing. People whose oxygen level had reached 70 also cured themselves with yoga and native remedies. These doctors definitely treated serious patients. Dr. Guleria says that 90% of the people did not need to go to the hospital, I say that 95 to 98% of the people did not need to go to the hospital. He recovered from Ayurveda, Yoga and healthy lifestyle.

Then why hasn’t the government included Coronil in Corona’s HomeKit?

This is not our fault, it is the fault of the policies of the government. Why do you impose it on us? If you look in any city of the country, 90 out of 100 patients of Corona have cured themselves with Yoga, Pranayam with Ayurvedic methods and a healthy lifestyle. Then how can we say that only allopathy doctors have saved the lives of people. I believe that they have also saved people’s lives. Many doctors have saved their lives by giving their lives, thanks to them. In such a crisis, they must help or else what is the meaning of medical science.

I believe that these doctors saved 10% of the people going to the hospital after getting serious, while yoga-Ayurveda and natural methods saved 90% of their lives. Then why do the doctors object to my point. The objection is because their big business is connected to it. But they cannot hide the truth on the strength of power. I am not an antagonist of allopathy. Modern medical science has done a lot of work as an emergency treatment and for serious surgery, but they do not have any treatment for lifestyle diseases.

You say that they cannot hide the truth on the strength of strength, in the video you say who is it who arrests you …

My strength is not economic strength. The combined business of pharma industry, hospital industry and doctors is at least 200 lakh crores in the world. Baba Ramdev does not have as much cumin in the camel’s mouth in front of him. But the strength that I have, is the force of truth. This country has manpower. I have a reach of 125 crore people. I have both the knowledge of ancestors and the latest research, I have this force. I have never violated the laws of God and the constitution of the country, so why should I be afraid?

Doctors say that you should be tried for treason …?

If Swami Ramdev is a traitor, then who is a patriot? If serving the country is treason, is it that patriots are those whose strings are connected with conversion? Those who say that the corona is good will make the conversion good. There is no need of medicine here, if you have special kindness of your religion, then you will be cured. Those who believe in such conversion and exorcism remain the president of the IMA. Give one example when I have not spoken fact-proof.

You say that the doctors have saved the lives of serious patients by putting their lives on it, you ridicule their own death…

I did not ridicule the death of the doctors. WHO figures were coming that about one and a half million people died, doctors are also dead in it. They have ridiculed me that how can anyone die near Swami Ramdev, I am not omnipotent. They say that we are omnipotent, no one can challenge us. I said, your doctors are dead too, we are sorry, we have pain, we have pain. Thousands died after double vaccination dose. No one was able to predict the second wave of Corona… that is why the expected preparations for the settlement could not be made.