At the meeting of PM Narendra Modi, Kejriwal is doing politics at the lower level

Arvind Kejriwal government will give 5 thousand rupees to laborers

At the meeting of PM Narendra Modi, Kejriwal is doing politics at the lower level- The round of allegations and counter-allegations has started after the meeting of the Chief Ministers convened by PM Narendra Modi to deal with the Corona crisis. In this meeting with PM Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal had raised the issue of lack of oxygen with PM Modi and said that if there are no oxygen plants in Delhi, then we will not get supplies. Along with this, he also talked about using the airforce for the supply of oxygen. Apart from this, CM Arvind Kejriwal also accused other states of stopping the supply of oxygen. However, criticism of this style of Arvind Kejriwal has also started in the meeting with PM Modi.

Central government sources have said that Delhi CM Kejriwal used the PM-CM conference on Kovid as a platform to play politics. Government sources say they have chosen this platform to spread lies on vaccine prices, despite knowing that the central government does not retain a single dose of the vaccine and only shares it with the states. Sources say that Delhi CM Kejriwal raised the issue of airlifting oxygen, but he did not know that it was already being done

He said that he had talked about the Oxygen Express by the railways, but railway sources say that he has not told anything about it to the railways. Government sources said that Arvind Kejriwal took the negotiation level to a very low level. Central government sources said that it was for the first time that the Chief Ministers’ meeting with the PM was telecast on television. The central government said that whatever solution Arvind Kejriwal spoke, it did not talk of any kind of solution but showed a sense of doing politics and avoiding responsibility.