Akshay Kumar’s fan walks 900 km from Dwarka to Mumbai


Akshay Kumar’s fan walks 900 km from Dwarka to Mumbai-  Akshay Kumar on Sunday shared a video and picture of one of his fans on social media. This fan named Prabhat travelled from Dwarka to Mumbai in 18 days walking 900 km to meet him. Sharing the video, Akshay wrote, “Meet Prabhat whom I met this morning. He has come to Mumbai to walk from Dwarka in 18 days to meet me. If our youth have similar planning and determination to achieve their goal So nothing can stop us. ”

Akshay Kumar’s fan walks 900 km from Dwarka to Mumbai

While sharing another post, Akshay also wrote that he always feels happy to find such love. But request that people do not do such work. Rather spend your time and energy in making life better. In the video, Prabhat tells Akshay that he has come so that he can tell everyone that he is a fit fan of Akshay.

Fans of film stars always do something amazing for them. Recently, a fan of Akshay Kumar came to walk 900 km to meet him, the actor himself was surprised. In fact, Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar posted a video from his Instagram account, in which one of his fans covered the 900 km journey from Gujarat (Dwarka) to Mumbai in 18 days on foot. In this video, Akshay Kumar was talking to his fan and explaining to him that doing such things can pose a threat to life.

This video of Akshay Kumar’s fan Prabhat is becoming very viral on social media. Posting this video, the actor wrote, “Today I met Prabhat, Prabhat came to meet me 900 kilometers from Dwarka to Mumbai and it was planned in such a way that it would reach Mumbai in 18 days and Sunday got to meet me. Could. If our youth put such planning and determination to achieve their goals, then no one can stop them. For more details you can visit www.indiatimelines.com.

Akshay Kumar not only posted a video of Prabhat but also a selfie with him on his Instagram account. Posting this picture, the actor wrote, ‘I always love to meet you guys and after receiving so much love from you, I consider myself very lucky but there is a request that please do not do such things. Put your time, money and strength into making your life better. It will make me very happy. All the best to Prabhat. On the other hand, if we talk about the work front, recently, Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Mission Mangal’ has been released. These films are earning a lot at the box office.