Agra: Those who lost their loved ones in ‘Mockdrill of death’ came in front, told the full story

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Agra: Those who lost their loved ones in ‘Mockdrill of death’ came in front, told the full story- The families of those who died from the mock drill of death at Paras Hospital in Agra are constantly coming to the fore. With this, on April 26, the horrific truth of the hospital is coming out. The question is, when there was enough oxygen in the hospital, why was this mock drill done?

Munni Devi, wife of Ashok Kumar posted in Agra Police, was admitted to Paras Hospital. Priyanka, the daughter of the deceased, says that when the mother was admitted to the hospital, she was talking properly, she died due to the same mock drill. Prakash Chand of Chhipitola told that his father Dalchand was killed by the negligence of Paras Hospital. Administrative officials are saying that oxygen was sufficient in the hospital. Now the question is that if there was oxygen then why was it not given to the patients. Ashok Chawla’s father Vasudev and his sister-in-law of Jeevnimandi Krishna Colony also died due to lack of oxygen. The doctors kept demanding oxygen till the last moment.

Hospital’s CCTVs were closed

Munidevi, wife of Ashok Kumar posted in Agra Police, died on 26 April itself. According to Ashok Kumar, when he went inside the hospital at 10.30 in the morning, the CCTV displays were off, whereas every day he used to see his admitted wife through CCTV. At the same time, the daughter of the deceased Munni Devi says that when he had gone to the crematorium, when he saw the body of his mother there, it was blue. Overall, the matter which Dr. Arinjay Jain is seen saying in the video is being confirmed by the relatives of the deceased.

was treated by lying on the stretcher

Priyanka says that my mother has been treated with the conservative method, the cause of death is Sudden Cardiac Arrest as the cause of death. Priyanka says that her mother was treated on a stretcher while the hospital has charged for a ventilator.

died at 10 am

Priyanka said, ‘A call was received from the hospital at 4 am on April 26 that there is no oxygen in the hospital, make arrangements for oxygen. We had reached in the morning with oxygen for the mother. We were not able to see our mother as the CCTV was turned off. After this, again at 3 o’clock the call came that his mother had died. Whereas the mother had died only at 10 in the morning. Priyanka said that this was told to her by the hospital staff. The death body was given after 3 pm. Priyanka’s question is if someone dies due to cardiac arrest. So does the body turn blue?

Continue to pressurize oxygen only after recruiting

Prakash Chand Advocate, a resident of Chhipitola, said that his father Dalchand was in need of oxygen and the hospital kept pressurizing him to bring oxygen cylinders. On 26 evening, he arranged for two cylinders. Still asked for oxygen. On April 27, six deaths were reported in the morning.

seal on hospital

On Wednesday morning, the Health Department team has sealed Paras Hospital. ACMO Dr. Virendra Bharti says that the investigation is still going on. Due to the current situation, Paras Hospital has been sealed. He also told that the license is also suspended in the hospital, it can also be canceled in the next action.